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7 reasons why you shouldn’t eat chicken

Despite the recent overwhelming consciousness about what happens to our food before getting to our plate, many people still regard chicken as not worthy of consideration. Since my  5 reasons why you shouldn’t drink cows milk post was so successful, I’ve decided to do another ‘list’ post. Don’t like it? Want to see more? Let me know! (but please be nice ♥)

Here are seven reasons why you should leave chicken off your plate:

1. Please see above picture.

2. You wouldn’t eat your dog. Chickens are intelligent, research shows that they are smarter than dogs, cats and even some primates. Dr. Chris Evens, an animal behaviorist of Australia’s Macquarie University says that they are “are good at solving problems.” and goes on to say that “As a trick at conferences, I sometimes list these attributes, without mentioning chickens, and people think I’m talking about monkeys.”

3. Eating chicken is unhealthy. Millons of antibiotics are fed to chickens, only 20% of which are metobolized by the chickens. The remaining 80% end up in their feces which is used to fertilize crops and ends up polluting our water ways. Consumer Reports found that two-thirds of chickens studied were infected with either salmonella or campylobacter or both.

4. More chickens are raised and killed for food than every other farmed animal combined. Approximately 9 billion chickens are killed in the United States alone. “Broilers” (chickens raised for meat) are raised in huge, ammonia filled, windowless sheds with tens of thousands of other birds. They are filled with so many drugs to make them go larger than nature ever intended, that many become crippled under their own weight and/or suffer organ failure.

5. “Layers” or “Laying hens” (chickens raised for their eggs) spend most of their lives in filthy battery cages. To reduce stress-related behaviors, their beaks are seared off with a hot blade without any painkillers. The birds are unable to do anything that is natural to them, such as perching, nesting, dust-bathing or even flapping their wings. There is (not yet) any single federal law that protects chickens from these abuse.

6. After about 6 weeks in these conditions, the birds are thrown onto a transport truck where they are driven to the slaughterhouse. The birds are then shackled, have their throats slit and then are scalded in hot water, often while still fully conscious. Not something I’d want to give my money to in support.

7. There is no reason to eat chicken. With soy ‘chicken’ nuggets and ‘chicken’ patties, why would you want to eat the flesh of an abused animal? Looking for a recipe for delicious ‘chicken’ nuggets? I’ve got one for you.

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