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Chickpea salad sandwich


2 slices whole wheat bread



soy mayonnaise

pickle relish

vegan soy cheese


tomato slices

fresh ground pepper


Before going vegan/vegetarian, I use to love tuna melts and this chickpea salad sandwich is a great substitute with the mustard and soy mayonnaise and you can’t really tell what the main ingredient is.

Put the chickpeas, mustard, vegan mayonnaise, and pickle relish in a bowl and mash with a fork into a lumpy consistency (I like to keep a few of the chickpeas whole but whatever you prefer).  Put the soy cheese (you could melt the soy cheese if you want t0 make it a “melt” but either way, the sandwich tastes good) on one slice of vegan bread spoon the chickpea salad over it.  Top with lettuce and tomato slices and add pepper to taste.  Put other slice of bread on top to close sandwich and slice in half from corner to corner.


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