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Nutrition Facts are here!

Dr. Michael Greger has officially launched, an informative nutritional website packed with information on a plant based diet. Starting today (August 22nd), Dr. Greger is going to upload a new video on the site every single day for the next 365 days, including a blog entry giving more in depth information about the topic of the day.  The  site features videos from the past four years of his Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVD’s which have been broken down into segments, which can be easily shared. A fantastic resource, please share the site with everyone you know because the information is potentially life saving!

The health benefits of veganism tend to be the argument that people are most willing to talk about. As voice for the billions of animals on factory farms, we owe it to them to be well informed health advocates. You can also follow the project on Twitter (!/nutrition_facts) or on Facebook (

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