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The President that saves the world

By now, you’ve heard that former President Bill Clinton has adopted  a vegan diet  (if you haven’t, then you need to get out from under your rock!), and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever a celebrity (or anyone of high status) uses their influence for the greater good, then I’m all for it. Whether it be tweeting to sign a petition or completing changing your lifestyle like Clinton has done, animals are being saved and veganism is getting out into the mainstream.

Clinton was famous for eating fast food for breakfast but in order to slow the progressional of heart disease, Clinton says he knows considers himself a devout vegan and adheres to a strict plant based diet.  Clinton now gives praise to a plant based diet, “All my blood tests are good, and my vital signs are good, and I feel good, and I also have, believe it or not, more energy.” Clinton is the perfect advocate for a vegan diet, not only because of his love for having five different animals on his plate but because he make the switch when he was older, showing that anyone can go vegan. Kudos to you, Mr. Clinton!

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