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Tofurky Pizza to Save the Day

After a long day of work, sometimes popping something quick in the oven is the best option. I’ve been trying to stay away from fast food, (and succeeding!) but I picked up this Italian Sausage and Fire-Roasted Veggie Pizza Tofurky pizza for dinner. After learning that Whole Foods was having a special for a dollar off all the Tofurky pizzas, how could I resist?



The delicious final product! Very light and crisp, with tons of veggies and Tofurky sausage and to top it off, Daiya cheese. Couldn’t get any easier either: took only 10 minutes to bake! I wouldn’t say this is the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had (Cruzer’s pizza in LA takes that honor) but for a frozen vegan pizza, this is definitely not bad for a quick meal. If you have tried Tofurky’s pizza, let me know what you think in the comment section!

5 thoughts on “Tofurky Pizza to Save the Day

  1. Tofurkey sausage?! ROFL. Sounds dreadful, but if you say it’s good I’m going to give it a go. Always looking for that “actually edible” vegan pizza. Thanks for the tip Michelle. : )

  2. I remember trying the Tofurky cheese pizza one day in Kalamazoo — I discovered it at the natural foods store I shopped at and was ecstatic that lil’ ole Kalamazoo was selling a frozen vegan pizza. I really liked it!

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