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Make Your Mark Mondays #2

Here is my tip for how to “Make Your Mark” today. ♥

Thanksgiving is just days away. And instead of seeing this as the holiday of turkey slaughter (although that is technically what Thanksgiving is), we should see this as an opportunity to speak up for animals. When you are sitting at the table with your friends and family this Thanksgiving, making snide comments about the dead bird on the table isn’t going to do any good. Don’t be that vegan. Here is my tip: bring over a Tofurky and/or a cruelty free side dish and share with the table. Show everyone that vegans can enjoy Thanksgiving and give thanks without feasting on dead animals.

What to step it up? Hang out with turkeys. Santuaries around the U.S. are celebrating turkeys by having “Thanksgiving with the turkeys” by having a huge vegan potluck and allowing people to spend time with turkeys. Bring a friend or family member and let them see that turkeys are fun, intelligent animals and they (and all other animals) should be left off our plates.

Do you have any advice for how to handle Thanksgiving with meat-eating relatives? Leave comment below!

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