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Make Your Mark Mondays #3

Here is my tip for how to “Make Your Mark” today. ♥

Have any animal rights books that are just laying around your house? Donate them! After you’re finished reading Animal Liberation or Eating Animals or any other pro-vegan/animal rights book, pass on the knowledge. Lend the book to your friends and family members. Donate the book to your school, place of worship, retirement home and of course you can donate the book to your local library. I once bought Eating Animals on (it’s only about $8 new) and I donated the book to my local library and now, hopefully, people are reading about how they can make a difference for animals by not eating them. What good is the book going to do if it’s just sitting on your shelf collecting dust? Donate them! You’ll be helping animals and also giving back to your local community. Win/win. 

Happy Monday!

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