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Michael Clarke Duncan stars in a pro-vegetarian ad

Michael Clarke Duncan (of The Green Mile fame) stars in a new ad for PETA, urging his fans to choose compassion and go vegetarian!

Michael keeps his trimmer, fitter body strong by getting much of his vitamins and nutrients from plants. Instead of packing on protein from an artery-clogging steak, he eats fruits, vegetables, and legumes such as beans, peanuts, and tofu, just like vegetarian athletes Ricky Williams, Mac Danzig, and Daniel Bryan, just to name a few.

What do you think of Michael Clarke Duncan’s new pro-vegetarian ad?

One thought on “Michael Clarke Duncan stars in a pro-vegetarian ad

  1. I love this. The next time someone tells me that vegans/vegetarians are weak and unhealthy I’m telling them about Michael Clarke Duncan. No one can say he is a sickly person because he doesn’t eat animals…at least I wouldn’t recommend saying it to his face 🙂

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