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A Tee to Debunk the Humane Myth

This new shirt design from Herbivore Clothing is a great tee to wear to let everyone know that there is no such thing as humane meat! The t-shirt describes the problem with ‘humane’ meat perfectly

My friend Chad at Food Fight! Grocery describes the situation like this: “Imagine you get to live in Hawaii and everything is provided for you. All the food you want, your friends are there, your family. You’ve got plenty of room and you get to spend your time however you want, pretty much. But when you turn 2 years old, you get your throat cut.” Doesn’t sound as great as meat sellers want you to think, does it? The knife that slides across the throat of the so-called “Happy Cow” is the same knife that cut the throat of the cow from the factory farm.

Order your own t-shirt today!

3 thoughts on “A Tee to Debunk the Humane Myth

  1. Wow, love that one! Reminds me of that little cartoon with the two cows, one organic farming, the other one industrial, going through two different doors and ending up in one and the same slaughter house… so true…

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