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Butterball Worker Pleads Guilty to Felony Cruelty to Animals

Hidden-camera video secretly shot at a North Carolina Butterball factory farm by an undercover investigator with the animal protection organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) has led to a criminal prosection of a worker at the facility. Earlier today, Brian Douglas pled guilty to felonious cruelty to animals—a class H felony in North Carolina. Douglas, along with several other Butterball employees, was documented violently kicking and stomping on birds, dragging them by their wings and necks, forcefully throwing turkeys, and bashing in the heads of live birds with metal bars.

Douglas will serve a sentence of 30 days imprisonment, followed by 6 months intensive probation and 36 months of supervised probation. Douglas was also ordered to pay $550 in fees and fines, and provide a DNA sample to the state, and will be subject to warrantless searches. Four other Butterball employees were also charged with cruelty to animals.  Their cases are still pending.

For more information and to watch the undercover investigation video, please visit Butterball Abuse.

2 thoughts on “Butterball Worker Pleads Guilty to Felony Cruelty to Animals

  1. As much as that is a pretty light punishment for what he did it’s more than he’d get in the UK! People really should take more interest in where their food comes from and cruelty to animals should have a higher punishment to stop people doing this sort of thing. So glad they caught them.

  2. It is stories like this that make it seem so insane to me that any state would enact laws or even consider laws prohibiting undercover investigation in factory farms. These stories are too frequent and too brutal for anyone to claim that these behaviors are not systemic.

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