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The Three-Day Detox Plan Anyone Can Do

The following is originally from VegNews.

GreenJuiceComing off a junk food bender? This easy plan will cleanse you—without driving you crazy.

After a long winter of hibernation, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to detox your body. Detoxing does not have to be extreme. There is no need to subject your body to harsh cleansing programs that leave you exhausted and unable to go about your day. Detoxing should leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and glowing! This simple three-day detox plan will start you off on the right foot to feeling and looking your best this spring.

The Basics
For the next three days, eliminate all sugars, alcohol, soda, processed food, grains, gluten, and animal products from your diet. In their place, enjoy green juices, smoothies, and plant-based meals. The only sweetener recommended for use is liquid stevia, which is all-natural, comes from a plant, and has zero glycemic impact. It is also very important to stay well hydrated by drinking water. Water is essential to help your body release toxins. The key is not to deprive your body but instead to flood it with nutrients to help it clean house.

Upon Rising
Take a high quality probiotic supplement on an empty stomach with a glass of water, which will help replenish the beneficial bacteria in your gut and aid in digestion. Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics is a great brand and does not need to be refrigerated. Follow the probiotic with a glass of water with lemon juice. Lemon juice is highly alkalizing in the body and helps get your digestion going for the day.

Start your day with a green juice. The chlorophyll in greens oxygenates the body, which enables us to release stored toxins. Ideally this juice will be all greens, vegetables, and no fruit (except lemon). You can either make your own green juice at home or get one from your local pressed juice bar. A favorite combination is kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger, but you feel like you need more for breakfast, have a little low sugar fruit such as apple or blueberries.

Instead of a large lunch that takes tons of energy to digest, try having a nutrient-dense green smoothie instead. Green smoothies are an excellent way to pack a ton of nutrition into one glass. Your body can digest a smoothie much faster than a large meal, giving it plenty of time to focus on internal housekeeping!

Here are three delicious ideas for nutrient-dense green smoothies. Simply combine all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender, adjust the sweetness to taste, and enjoy!

SJM’s Everyday Green Smoothie
Coconut-Pineapple Smoothie
Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

If you find yourself hungry between lunch and dinner, try snacking on cut up raw vegetables such as cucumber slices, celery, bell peppers, or carrots. If you are very hungry, a quarter to a half of an avocado mashed with sea salt and lemon is also a delicious option.

Dinner should be the largest, most dense meal of the day. At the end of the day your body does not need as much energy to run around, allowing it to focus more on digesting. Also, the fast between dinner and the next day’s breakfast is long enough to give your body time to process the meal. Begin each dinner with a large green salad. This can be as simple as mixed greens topped with herbs and raw vegetables. You can also add a quarter of an avocado for density. For a dressing, toss the salad with avocado, lemon juice, and liquid stevia, and it will form a nice creamy dressing without the need for oil. Another option is a massaged kale salad. Remove the ribs from a bunch of kale and rip the leaves into small pieces with your hands. Then massage the kale with a quarter of an avocado, some lemon juice, and liquid stevia until the kale is soft and wilted. Top the salad with any raw vegetables you like. Keep your main course simple and satisfying. Have a baked sweet potato or squash such as butternut or acorn. You could also have some cooked non-starchy vegetable such as lightly sautéed greens (use water not oil), roasted broccoli, or cauliflower.

Be kind to your body while you detox. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and treat yourself to a massage. You will feel refreshed and glowing!

Sara Jane Mercer is a holistic health coach and recipe developer who believes in living life the clean, pure, and simple way. Follow her on Twitter at @Sarajanemercer for recipes and healthy living tips.

2 thoughts on “The Three-Day Detox Plan Anyone Can Do

  1. This sounds like a great plan. The reason I tend to “fall off the Total Health Plan wagon” from time to time is that I attempt to live indefinitely on such cleanses, which makes life a little awkward in our modern society, particularly the Deep South where even Oreos and Okra are deep fried. Thanks for posting it!

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