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VIDEO: Activists Bring Water to Slaughter-Bound Pigs

Toronto experienced a heatwave last week, with temperatures soaring up to 114F (46C). A group of activists with Toronto Pig Save took to the streets for pigs’ sake by providing water to slaughter-bound pigs.


Activists stationed themselves on a traffic island at the busy intersection where trucks transporting pigs eventually turn to get to Quality Meat Packers’ slaughterhouse, the pigs’ final destination. You can also view moving pictures on Toronto Pig Save’s Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Activists Bring Water to Slaughter-Bound Pigs

  1. Reblogged this on Easy Veganism and commented:
    This is completely and totally heartbreaking. The suffering these pigs go through is more than inhumane and cruel, it is downright disgusting. It is hard to get through the entire video, but every non-vegan person should educate themselves on the suffering caused to not only innocent pigs, like these, but also to cattle, dairy cows, and chickens. No animal deserves this. Going vegan is a direct way to protest against these types of practices. Please educate yourself on the consequences of eating a carnivore diet… and seek other options.

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