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Huge! Lab-Grown Meat is Here

No animal died to make this burger. No calf was separated from his mother, no manure polluted the waterways. For the first time ever, meat has successfully been grown in a labNetherlands-based researcher Mark Post has said he spent $325,000 developing the burger, made using engineered muscle stem cells grown in a broth made from a calf blood product.


Most vegan and vegetarian (myself included) aren’t interested in trying this cultured meat but this is a huge step forward to reducing the suffering of millions of animals.

As Ingrid Newkirk puts it, “It is a real burger made of real meat. It’s as real as real can be. The thing that is different about it is that it is not from a filthy slaughterhouse, but from a sterile laboratory.”


Would you try cultured meat?


5 thoughts on “Huge! Lab-Grown Meat is Here

  1. No, I think this promotes the idea that we should have beef. Gives credibility to the belief that we should have beef. I’d rather see us moving away from that idea, instead of trying to facilitate it. Just another perspective — I do admire your vigilance and your activism for non-human animal rights.

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