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How You Can Be Vegan and Not Eat Tofu

You can definitely be vegan even if you think tofu is gross! The vegan police aren’t going to come after you. There is a perception that all vegans love tofu by default, but that is simply not true. If you don’t like tofu, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be vegan.

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I have vegan friends who can’t stand tofu, but yet are enjoying their vegan lifestyle to the fullest. When I first became vegan, I wasn’t a big fan of tofu either. How in the world was I supposed to like something that tastes just about like nothing? The nice thing about tofu is that you can prepare it in many different ways. You can stream it, fry it, stuff it, scramble it, marinate it, bake it… the list goes on for ages. Tofu is very versatile and it picks up the flavors of other things. Before dismissing, make sure you’ve tried the different ways to prepare tofu. Now that I’ve learned the ropes of how to prepare tofu, I love to cook with tofu.


Tried every imaginable way to prepare tofu and still think it’s gross? That’s fine! Not all vegans have to like tofu. Actually, some vegans are allergic to soy and they are doing just fine. Vegan foods sans tofu: whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds. Quinoa and chickpeas are also great sources of protein. Hint: if you buy in bulk, you’ll also save some money. And of course, don’t forget to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


There are plenty of mock meats out there to enjoy. Gardein, Boca, Tofurky and Field Roast all make great mock meats. This Enchilada Bake recipe, as well as this Gardein ‘Chicken’ Scaloppini recipe are two of my favorites. Don’t forget about seitan (as long as you’re not gluten sensitive) and tempeh for non-tofu products too! I love this vegan Philly cheese steak made with seitan, and this vegan tempeh Reuben sandwich recipe.

The key to being vegan is variety and as long as you eat a variety of foods, it’s hard not to get enough protein in your diet. I’ve found that I actually have more options since becoming vegan and even if you think tofu is gross, you’ll still be able to enjoy the many benefits of veganism.

If you don’t like tofu but are a vegan, what do you eat? Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “How You Can Be Vegan and Not Eat Tofu

  1. I don’t like tofu that much, and I’m also slightly intolerant to soy (I can handle small amounts with other foods) so I only eat it very, very rarely. I don’t even notice that I don’t eat it because there is so many other choices … I eat beans, lentils, quinoa, and lots and lots of veggies for my lunches & dinners. But every so often I see a really good photo of scrambled tofu and want to try it … 🙂

  2. I’m only a vegetarian for now but I stopped cooking with animal products at home, and am not a huge fan of tofu (except in miso soup and stuff like that). Hmmm, what do I eat… Chilis sin carne, rice with rice vinegar, sesame seeds and soy sauce, chickpea curries, coconut milk curries, stir-fried romanesco broccolis with a cashew-based sauce (anytime I can, that makes an awesome meal), mushroom burgers, guacamole, potatoes and spinach, spaghetti squashs, onions, peppers, kidney beans, garlic, tomatoes… Also, plenty of bread (Frenchie here) and loads of fruits.

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