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The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Winter Coat Guide for Men and Women

The following was written by Heather Dadd.

As the temperature keeps dropping, I find myself eyeing every stylish coat I see. As a self-proclaimed coat-enthusiast, I must say I own quite a few from motorcycle jackets (my absolute favorite!) to trench coats. But I am no stranger to the typical routine of seeing a cute coat, reading the tag, and being disappointed to find out that what could have been the newest addition to your wardrobe is riddled with wool, down, fur, or leather. Luckily, it has become super easy to find vegan coats in mainstream stores.

Here are 10 of this season’s best vegan coats:

1. Target


target womens coat


mens target coat2. H&M


HM womens coat


men HM coat

3. North Face


womens north face


north face mens coat

4. Forever 21


forever 21 womens coat


forever 21 mens coat

5. Vaute Couture


vaute womens coat


vaute mens coat

These are just some of the many options out there. All of the season’s trends (fleece trim, deep blues and purples, and the return of grunge) can be found completely cruelty-free. Be sure to comment which coat is your favorite!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Winter Coat Guide for Men and Women

  1. Awww how cute….lol but seriously as a canadian this would barely last the all weather….and suggestions of coats for -30 degree weather -50 with the wind at times…. I doubt h&m little vest will help in our situation up here! :p but seriously it’s super cold and I’m just not down with down anymore :-/ but it keeps me alive

    1. It’s unfortunate but true. The warmest jackets for Canadian weather have fur trim and down feathers… cruelty free options leave us to freeze.

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