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Why Vegans Should Support Jay-Z & Beyonce Going Vegan

Yesterday Jay-Z posted on his website stating that him and wife Beyonce are going vegan for 22 days as part of a challenge. He asked for suggestions on vegan food spots and clarified that he doesn’t know what will happen after 22 days. Maybe he will go back to eating meat, maybe he will stick with a full plant-based diet. I was thrilled when I read this news. Two extremely high-profiled and influential celebrities are trying veganism. That should be applauded!


Except many vegans didn’t feel that way. I found myself reading comments such as  “So is whore Beyonce going to give up fur?” or comments such as, “I don’t believe those fur hags are really going vegan.” As an ethical vegan (and very clearly I’m for animal liberation, given the name of my blog), of course I understand that fur is not vegan and yes, I do wish they would stop wearing animal skins. But veganism is not about perfection. I wore leather. I ate meat. I went to the zoo. Any step towards compassion should be celebrated. I was taken aback reading all of the judgmental comments when really, the vegan community should be welcoming them with open arms. Veganism is not an exclusive club. By being pessimistic, you’re only discouraging people from joining the cause and in turn, hurting animals.

I’ll be cheering on Jay-Z and Beyonce during their plant-based challenge and I hope you will join me!

4 thoughts on “Why Vegans Should Support Jay-Z & Beyonce Going Vegan

  1. I completely agree with you! Any steps that people take towards health and the good of our planet is a GOOD THING! Let’s support each other! On our site, we are dedicating the next 22 days to giving readers 22 healthy veg tip and food swaps in honor of JAY Z and Beyonce going veg!

  2. Wholeheartedly agree! You don’t get vegan brownie points for pointing out the ways in which another person isn’t perfect. We should celebrate all of the steps toward a more peaceful world, including steps like this!

  3. We all got to veganism in our own way. For some of us it was a process, not everyone can make the change overnight. I think it’s great that they want to try it and are making more people aware of it, I just don’t like that they put an end date on it.

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