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New Crowdfunding Platform for Animals

Any animal charities out there looking to fund a project? is for you! is the new crowdfunding website (like and for nonprofit animal groups, and they are looking for more projects their network of donors can fund. During the last few months the site has been in beta, they successfully fundraised for orphaned bald eaglets, sea turtles, the pets of military veterans, and a tiger with a toothache.

love animals

Microfunding/crowdfunding works, and is open to any animal charity serving any animals in need. All donations go directly to the group itself – takes no percentage of funds raised – which means more money directly benefits the cause. AWESOME.

Unfortunately, animal and wildlife charities have been slow to adopt online philanthropy. There are an estimated 26,000 animal welfare and wildlife conservation nonprofits in the U.S., which combined receive less than two percent of all charitable contributions. hopes to change that.


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