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Emily Deschanel wants you to save mother cows by dumping dairy

Bones star Emily Deschanel has teamed up with PETA in a new video this Mother’s Day to urge moms to show compassion for mother cows.

“As a mother, I experience the joy of raising my son every day. But not all moms are so lucky,” says Deschanel in the video. “Mother cows on dairy farms have their young traumatically torn away from them shortly after birth so that the milk meant for their calves can be sold to people instead.”

Please watch and share this important video!

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Swoon alert! Ryan Gosling Speaks Up For Cows


Is is possible to love this man any more!? Ryan Gosling has penned a letter on behalf of PETA to the National Milk Producers Federation urging officials to require dairy farmers to begin phasing out ‘dehorning’ – which is a painful process in which calves have their horns gouged out or sensitive horn tissue burned out of their heads.

“There is absolutely no reason – and no excuse – for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue.”

We love when celebs use their voice to speak up for animals! You can read the full letter and learn how you can lend your voice against dehorning too over on