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3 Things You Should Always Buy Fair Trade

When I first became vegan (about six years ago now), Fair Trade was still a fairly foreign term to me. What is Fair Trade, anyways? Fair Trade helps workers and farmers to earn a decent living and secure a better life for themselves. It is absolutely the easiest way to show compassion to Third World farmers. Don’t ignore the ethical choice your faced with at the supermarket. Buy fairly whenever you can, especially for these 3 items.

TEA – I’m a big fan of The Excellent Tea Company. Grown in the mountainous eastern regions of the continent, this top-quality premium tea is so good, you won’t want to add anything to it.  And though it has the delicate flavor of a loose tea, it’s packed into tea bags, so it’s good enough to satisfy the most discerning tea aficionado, but without those soggy tea leaves to dispose of.


COFFEE – I don’t drink coffee all that often, but when I do I love the Fair Trade options in the bulk aisle at Whole Foods. I can always find fresh organic options that please the coffee snob inside and aren’t too pricey. Interested in supporting other ethical coffee companies? Take a look at these fair trade coffee reviews.


CHOCOLATE – How I love thee! Honestly, there are so many good Fair Trade options out there for chocolate, I can’t say I have a favorite. Some of my (many) favorite chocolate bars include:






Do you have any favorite Fair Trade companies that I didn’t mention here? Leave a comment and share! 

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Vegan M&M’s Could Soon Be a Thing

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Veganism has come a long way and we now live in a time where there is a vegan version of just about anything. In the vegan candy world, however, something has been missing: vegan M&Ms. Premium Chocolatiers has a dream – and a Kickstarter – to remedy that.


Operating from the Jersey Shore in the good ol’ US of A, Premium Chocolatiers have been making life sweeter for vegans, vegetarians, and those with food allergies with their variety of specialty candies. From their “milkless” chocolates to their “peanot” butter cups, there’s something for everyone within their line of products. But their most requested candy to be made was a vegan/allergen-free M&M. With help through their Kickstarter campaign, they’re hoping to fulfill that request.

They’re called No-No’s and they’re free of milk, eggs, and nuts. The Kickstarter funds will go toward the necessary equipment to make the No-No’s. By purchasing the equipment for their own facility, this takes outsourcing out of the equation, which means there’s no risk of allergen cross-contamination. “We will buy the panning equipment and coat the Vegan Marshmallow with the chocolate and coloring right at our facility. Nothing enters here that doesn’t conform to our strict requirements. We will also design and print the beautiful packaging to make this a reality.”


A pledge of just $7 gets you a bag of No-No’s, shipped to anywhere in the United States. As the pledge levels go up, as do the bags of No-No’s you’ll receive as a backer of the project, and backers will get their thank you No-No’s before the candies are produced to the masses. Talk about sweet rewards!

The funding period for this campaign ends on September 10th. Premium Chocolatiers hope to have the No-No’s ready to rock your tastebuds by mid- to late-October (which would make for a very exciting Halloween!). However, this can only happen if their goal of $45,000 is reached in full by September 10th. If you’re passionate about vegan/allergen-free treats, consider backing this Kickstarter! Be sure to visit their fundraising page for more info on the company, the campaign, and the incentives.