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Make Your Mark Mondays #6

Here is my tip for how to “Make Your Mark” today. ♥

The tip for today is short and sweet! Put an animal rights quote or link to a pro-vegan website in your email signature. This is an effortless way to get the animal rights message out. Think of how many emails you send in a day! This is the animal rights quote in my email signature, for example:

“When people tell me that they love animals and then harm or kill them, I tell them I’m glad they don’t love me.”
-Marc Bekoff

So true, right? So pick your favorite animal rights slogan or link to your favorite organization, and you’ll give your friends, family, co-workers, anyone and everyone that you email something to think about.

Also, in case you missed my article on This Dish is Veg about why cheese lovers should ditch the cheese, check it out and let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!