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Feather hair extensions

Most teenages crazes I can handle (including vampires who sparkle) but the latest trend of wearing feather hair extenstions among young girls (Well, apparently Steven Tyler is wearing them too…)  is something that I can’t tolerate. And not only because it looks silly to have a rooster’s feather in your hair, but also because of the immense cruelty that goes into producing the feathers.

The roosters are kept in barns for 30 weeks and are genetically altered to produce the feathers (called saddle feathers) before they are killed and de-feathered. Ecorazzi recently reported that “It’s gotten so out of hand that at least one farm in Western Colorado is now killing up to 1,500 roosters per week just for their backside ‘saddle’ feathers.”

These beautiful feathers look best on, you guess’d it, the roosters. There is absolutely no reason to support an industry that makes animals suffer and die just so for you to put a feather in your hair. Thankfully, PETA has put together a DIY ribbon version, in which no animal had to sacrifice their life. Hair Royalty also makes an alternative and as always, you could opt to not wear rooster butt feathers in your hair.