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Denzel Washington Goes Vegetarian

Well, almost vegetarian. The actor recently told WENN the secret to his good looks, “”I’m a vegetarian now, but sometimes I’ll cheat and have chicken.”

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“When I did the play Fences (on Broadway) it just kind of woke me up to this idea of getting back to the basics in every way, and I made a commitment to just work harder and eat good.”

Any move away from meat should be encouraged, especially when a well-respected movie star ditches meat!

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Doomie’s Home Cookin

Went to Doomie’s today for an early dinner and the place definitely lives up to it’s hype. I imagined Doomie’s to be a stand alone restaurant but it’s actually in a shopping center off of Vine St. in Hollywood; works out though because you can easily find parking in the shopping center lot (and finding any kind of parking in Los Angeles is a gift).

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