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Vegan hiker breaks Pacific Crest Trail record

Plant power! Vegan hiker Josh Garrett broke the Pacific Crest Trail record with a time of 59 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes, and an average of nearly 45 miles per day; beating the record set in 2011 by Scott Williamson of 64 days, 11 hours and 19 minutes.


“I’m vegan because I love animals, and they suffer so needlessly on factory farms and slaughterhouses, when a vegan diet provides everything we need for good health, strength, and endurance,” he said. “As much as I would have enjoyed taking my time on this hike, I wanted to be a good example and make a point.”


Josh has used the hike to bring attention to farmed animal cruelty, by raising funds for the national nonprofit Mercy For Animals. Stay tuned for an interview with Josh!

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Victory! Two More Butterball Workers Convicted of Cruelty to Animals

turkey-video-3Hidden-camera video secretly shot at a North Carolina Butterball factory farm by a Mercy For Animals undercover investigator has led to even more criminal convictions of Butterball workers. Defendants Terry Johnson and Billy McBride were found guilty of animal cruelty after a bench trial before Judge John H. Horne, Jr.

In late 2012, Butterball workers Brian Douglas and Ruben Mendoza were also convicted of criminal cruelty to animals arising out of the same investigation. Douglas’s conviction marks the first-ever felony conviction for cruelty to factory-farmed poultry in US history.

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