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Calling all vegan teenagers! Teen Veggie is the site for you.


tv (2)Calling all vegan/vegetarian teenagers! Teen Veggie is a new website that has been set up as a social network for young people (ages 12-19) to come together to chat about their veg*n lifestyle! Awesome, right?

The Teen Veggie mission statement: Our mission is to offer a safe and secure network for young people to discuss veg*nism and for them to have their say about issues regarding Animal Rights, Rescuing Animals, Campaigning and a Veg*n lifestyle.  We aim to provide value to our Members by giving them the opportunity to speak out, generate creative ideas and to become enthusiastic advocates for the animals. Our long term goal is to become a universally recognized network, so that we may collaborate with others to make the world a better place for the animals.

In the future, Teen Veggie hopes to organize Social events for our Members, and continue collaborating with Veg*n celebrities and companies to get more people involved.
Be sure to check out Teen Veggie!