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Attention Cheese Lovers: Top Reasons to Quit Eating Cheese

First off, if you want to quit eating cheese, that’s wonderful news! Like most vegans, I wasn’t born vegan. I grew up eating meat and dairy products, and that included a lot of cheese. Once I gave up cheese, I felt so much better and had much more energy too. You’re making the right decision by cutting out cheese from your diet. Cheese can be a tough one to drop but once you learn the reality of cheese, you won’t have any problem cutting it out.

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If you find yourself hung up on cheese, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Cheese is one of the hardest products to ditch and for a good reason: cheese is addictive. No really, cheese has opiates in it. Cheese is packed with amphetamine-like chemicals called phenylethylamine. Good rule of thumb: if you can’t pronounce a word, much less spell the word then you shouldn’t risk putting it in your body.

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McDonald’s now serving veal burgers

“After earning praise from animal rights advocates in the U.S. for a commitment earlier this year to begin buying cage-free eggs, McDonald’s has turned heads in the other direction with the news of its newest sandwich: a veal burger.” -The Organic Authority

Just when I thought McDonald’s couldn’t go any lower, they are now offering veal burgers at their Switzerland locations. Swiss McDonald’s customers will soon be able order what is called the McZuri, which is a 100% ground-veal burger. On their own website, McDonald’s claims to care about the humane treatment of animals but veal, a by-product of the milk industry, is one of the most inhumane meat products out there. Keeping baby cows confined in crates for their entire lives and feeding them a low iron diet, making them so weak they can barely stand (which is where the ‘softness’ of the veal meat comes from), doesn’t sound like caring about the humane treatment of animals.

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